"Word is those four cats got nabbed by HPD last week, them Underground

Pyramid boys?  They all got slotted.  For real.  Remember how the cops was

trying to get those suspects from that party shooting on the South side

and when they found them dudes and threw them in jail they all scratched

black X's over they mouths and refused to speak?  Remember that shit?  You

know what I'm talking about, right?  You knew one of them boys.  Kincaid

Simmons.  Your sister used to run with him when she was in school, before

she graduated.  Kincaid was kinda hard, but no one thought he was ignorant

like that.  To just shoot them kids at that party for no good reason?  People

change, though.  Drug game make a monster out of the sweetest brother you know.

Anyway, Kincaid and his boys?  All them niggas dead. 

Yup.  They got popped last night at the Sheriff's

department.  Not only them, but all the guys being

transported to the county.  There was a rapist- that

fool from Almeda?  Rogers or Rugers, something like

that.  The one got them 5 girls at the mall last year. 

And that boy Hayden Cain?  'Smiley.'  The crooked cop

they scooped up in that State-wide investigation two

days ago?  They got that white boy, too.  Damn shame.

But what's such a trip, though, is that while the other

police was there securing the scene, interviewing

witnesses, stretching out that yellow tape and drawing

all them damn chalk outlines, somebody went and

blew up that train on the west side.  You know, over by

the interstate?  Now, the news don't want to say

what's going on over there, right?  But my boy Sonny

say that them trains was full of guns and things.  Like

explosives.  Bad stuff.  And check this: the Sheriff got

a call minutes after the explosion derailed that

motherfucker and the nigga on the line said

the real Underground Pyramid was claiming

responsibility for both of them crimes.  The jailhouse

shooting andthe train.  This brother said that 'all

pretenders to the Pyramid will be silenced.'  And that's

why they brought the Feds in on this shit right here. 

My neighbor Bill can't even find a place to park his

Tacoma down there.

Ask King.  He talked to Sonny, too.  He'll tell you all

about this shit."