The Band of the Hawk Underground Pyramid #BOHUP

The Band of the Hawk, the mercenary company known as DEF on the battlefield, are a spacious affair: all looped menace and blunted minutiae, not unlike early RZA productions; if he had been raised in Houston’s Fifth Ward worshiping 90’s hood flicks more than kungfu cinema and stuck in a Mario Brothers maze.  These early efforts have since been re-absorbed, shoving way towards the Hawks’ penchants for texture over bombast, interpretation over definition.  The current line-up of the Hawks: Noah Archangel, Yeaux Majesty, Houey Freeman, P.Ey3, Spear Chuka DJ Mastermind and Whoa Vada – succeeds in meeting the audience’s current expectation from a hip-hop group.  Each personality is equally present and distinguishable from track to track, regardless of preferred artistic attack.  Whether Noah raps or produces, or Yeaux spits coolness on the mic first or last, listeners know the unmistakable gumbo that is the Band of the Hawk.

  #BOHUP  (BandoftheHawkUndergroundPyramid)

















Noah Archangel - Band of the Hawk


Noah came in to the Hip Hop game from MCing underground Drum n Bass shows under the name MC Grasshoppa.  MC Grasshoppa soon became Noah Archangel the producer, and he began to collab with students and groups at Jackson State University in Mississippi and Xavier in New Orleans. 

After his return to Houston, he inherited his Pop's record collection and started collecting beat machines and producing.  Then quickly moved around the South, collecting friends and music partners forming the Underground Pyramid Crew.  Lead by The Band of the Hawk.  #BOHUP



Kool King aka Yeaux Majesty - Lyricist, Bully

King... now known as Yeaux Majesty! 

A lyricist, visionary, bully and hip hop royalty.  Born & raised in Patterson, La, King grew up listening to jazz, old soul, New Orleans bounce music, & classic golden age hip hop.  After graduation he joined the military & was based in GA right outside of Atlanta.  He moved to Houston & began to rip the underground mixtape scene. Growing weary of rapping to other artist beats he sought out to find a producer with original tracks. His dream came true when he was introduced to his brother from another mother, "Noah Archangel".

Yeaux Majesty has recently released "A Different Cloth" and "Princely Robes" in 2019.


Whoa Vada - Lyricist, Pimp (Grynd Seazon, The Band of the Hawk)

"Whoa Vada, is not the 1, and sho aint the 2, Whoa Vada is ALL!!!!"

Vada, with a honest Southern style reminiscent of Scarface with a mix of 2chains.  Smooth with his delivery he is sure to make every track a little spicier.  His first single, CHECK on #BOHUP VOL,1 was received and he dropped her first solo project, The Mothership Chronicles in 2018.  Stay tuned.

P.Ey3 aka 3 (fomerly known as DatBoi3) - Lyricist, Songwriter

3 aka P.Ey3 is the blood cousin of King and has worked with other underground artists in Louisiana and Texas.

Of course he had to pass the initiation, and boy was it a good one.  He heard a snippet beat from the H.TX album "A Beautiful Lie".  he proceeded to record himself freestyling using his phone and emailed it to Noah.  After hearing it, DatBoi3 aka P.Ey3 became a equal member in the Hawks.


Houey Freeman aka Ash RA fka Ashtonomics - Co-Producer, Spirit

Ash is Noah's adopted little brother.  They met in 2002 when his mother was going through a rough divorce that resembled Noah's history.  So Noah then started to mentor Ash in beat making on the Playstation, Fruity Loops, Ableton and to the incredible Maschine Mikro. 

Ash has produced for artists around the world and is continuing his work on Sound Cloud.