Inner Loops, Coke Trains, and Seawall Dreams

The Allgood brothers, Choke and Ronald, disappeared exactly one week apart from each other.  When it was reported that Choke never made it to his downtown Houston home after a night of barhopping, his older brother, Ronald, hesitated to report any possible wrongdoing to the police.  The Allgood brothers were well known as the preeminent cocaine distributors in Houston's Inner Loop scene, and the family enterprise had just evaded both a State investigation and a Federal case.  It was hoped among family and friends that the younger Allgood was simply 'laying low' in the company of a female acquaintance, and that all would return to normal by nightfall.
Days passed, and before Ronald Allgood could make the call to Houston's Finest, his Escalade was discovered unattended in South Park, the headlights blaring, driver side door open, his personal keys still in the ignition.  There was no evidence or suggestion of wrongdoing, as the Houston Police Department insisted that the family was not under surveillance.  Regardless, Choke's fiancee, Monique Lewis, hired a private investigator to look into the possibility of foul play.  Within a week, Samuel Norris of Norris & Hill Investigations was also reported missing.  
On a foggy April morning in Galveston, Texas, Choke Alllgood was found.  Naked to his ankles, the younger heir to the Allgood criminal empire was seen by many witnesses fighting for food scraps against a pack of stray dogs.  Wearing only a pair of unlaced Air Jordans, Choke was arrested by Galveston authorities and brought to Houston.  It is rumored that he barked like a dog at his captors during his extradition.
Unable to speak coherently or communicate to the authorities, Choke was eventually released under the care of his family.  No reports on the whereabouts of his brother or Samuel Norris have ever been disclosed.  
Months later, on what would have been Ronald Allgood's thirty-third birthday, Choke Allgood finally answered an investigator's inquiry in an understandable tone.  As to his whereabouts during that missing chapter of his life, he could only whisper in a painful, strained groan.  Choke Allgood claimed to have been trapped inside 'The Underground Pyramid.'