Underground Pyramid - Episode 1 - written by Styles Fury

Missing children, found adults, and the Deep, deep sea


Major news outlets were either confounded or 

disinterested in reports of missing child 'reappearances'

in both the Third and Fifth Wards.  Since late last

December, a number of children, previously designated as

missing for a many years by both family members and

Houston authorities were located and  identified.  At least

five of these children- Jamal Greene, Lucia Gomez-

Ramirez, and Wanda Thomas of Dallas and Kelly Dupree

and Randall Gray of the Spring Branch area- are now of

legal adult age.  Only Wanda Thomas, 19, would allow an interview and give a statement.  After assuring the

reporter that authorities and her parents were aware of

her current residence, she offered only that "the inner

city needs our attention now, as it has provided many a

soul solace and guidance during these days of concern. 

The children of the Underground Pyramid are well

acquainted with the oceans of the hungry.  It is this deep

sea from which we are all born, and will eventually

Miss Thomas' parents, Richard and Cinda Lee, refused to comment.