The Band of the Hawk

Love is Love

This is Noah Archangel. The general and lead producer of The Band of the Hawk Underground Pyramid Crew

We been working hard in the studio. Since Posh Tash has been taking her time, we wanted to give you something new to jam.

SO I hopped in the studio this weekend made a few tracks for my solo effort. Titled "YHWH".

I put 2 of the keepers up on our profile so check em out.

"Deez Days" and "Sh@ke Em Up" more radio friendly, but don't worry the underground hardcore tracks will be on there too. I got 6 done this weekend, I'm hoping to get out by late June....we'll see

New mashup remixes from yours truly on Soundcloud.  Check the Beats page on here or goto

DOn't forget to check out for everything Underground pyramid Crew. Peace, Shalom, give me my spec'.