The Band of the Hawk

Peace. Whuddup Hawks?! It's Dat Boi 3 aka Providence Ey3soscoles (P.Ey3). As you've seen here on the website, a lot of hard work is going into providing you all with a consistent flow of quality music and merchandise. In keeping with that trend, I've composed my own vision from within the catacombs of the Underground Pyramid.

"Truth, Lies, & Mischief" is my solo debut consisting of 9 tracks - an intro, an interlude, & 7 songs; videos coming soon. This album is meant to take you on a journey that will introduce you to different facets of my personality and the contradictions that come along with that. It's an experience we all share as humans.

This should either satiate or whet your appetites until The Last Temptation drops Feb 24th.

So, take a chance and enter the Pyramid to see the world through The Ey3.

Band of the Hawk is the outfit, Underground Pyramid is the crew. #BOHUP