The Band of the Hawk


So, as you may know a lot has been going on with us here in Texas.  We had floods, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and now the hot humid weather.  

I finally got back home to Houston, the Hawks broke up for a bit (in the music industry, not as brothaz) and some of us have been traveling the country getting inspiration.  Check my IG @noahofhtx Brazil and @ashtonomics in Mexico.

Finally, I am back in the studio, working to finish the LP we promised ya'll for NYE.  The B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).

At first, this was gonna be the Hawk's full length follow up to The Last Temptation LP released last year.  But time, ideas, people and styles change like the days.

So now, this will be a mixtape of sorts.  I was thinking of dropping my first real instrumental LP, but just don't feel right knowing we got jewels in the vault recorded for the previous project idea.

So I am gonna give you my J DIlla Flying Lotus Madlib rendition of THE BIBLE.  Where I throw some new full songs, some hot instrumentals and some skits in a little under a hour.

Hopefully I can submit to our distributor in a couple of weeks, meaning you should be able to get it around July 14.

We appreciate all the love online, social media, at the concerts and especially our Jango station.

Love is Love yo, yall keep rocking wit us, and we'll continue to fight this machine called RADIO and the monster THE MUSIC INDUSTRY