The Band of the Hawk

Peace and Love to all the Hawks Worldwide.

We dropped a new song every fucking week for over 3 months.  I know we promised you to keep it going thru 2019.  But we gotta pull back.

Listen, we got hella music, but with all that is going on with each member, myself and life, I can't mix and master everything as good as it should be.  I told myself that if the quality started feeling rushed, then I would stop.  So here we are.

We got Whoa Vada's 1st full length coming end of the month, The Mothership Chronicles.  Then for Xmas, the original band of the Hawk lineup, King (Yeaux Majesty) and Noah Archangel drop K.A.N.G.O.L. (King and Noah Going Off Lyrically).  So technically we will have a song for each week and more, but they will be packaged like a meal instead of giving you samples.

So stay tuned, both prkjects, produced by me, will not disappoint.  Be sure to follow is on social media @BandoftehHawkTV