The Band of the Hawk

Noah Archangel ‘Thru The Looking Glass’

Noah Archangel is one of the founding members of their hip hop group the Band of the Hawk. Noah started out MCing underground Drum n’ Bass shows under the name MC Grazzhopper.

Around 2000 Grazzhopper then became Noah Archangel the producer and he began collaborating with other artists around the Jackson State University in Mississippi. Aside from being a producer though, he’s also a lyricist, audio engineer and video director. After college, he returned back to Houston, Texas where he eventually met up with King and formed the Band of the Hawk.

Noah has been very influenced by his father’s records, and you can hear his old school influences in his new music. His latest release is the 13 track album ‘Thru The Looking Glass’. The album crosses various genre lines and has a very soulful, old school hip hop vibe to it. You can pick it up through iTunes or CDBaby now.

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