The Band of the Hawk

Band of the Hawk Underground Pyramid Crew

Peace!  Hotep!

So we dropped a new single Thurs and shot the video this weekend.  The single is "LONDON" from the EP "THE EMERALD TABLETS".  Should be out for Halo-ween.  

3 (DB3) and Noah did a show at THE CELLAR in Fort Worth for the TCU heads.   Decent tourn out, better next time.  Check it Nov. 22nd for the next preview.

Youtube is gaining, almost at 4 million views for the BANDOFTHEHAWKTV channel.  We got plenty of videos for you, go check em out on the videos page.

As always, we appreciate the love and support.  Get ready for the Tablets though, should be our light EP, before the dark LP "HIRAM ABIFF".