The Band of the Hawk

Band of the Hawk Underground Pyramid Crew!!!

It's been months yo! Word. Benn traveling, rapping, singing, mixing, producing, moving, training, fighting....just everything but reaching out to the people. Our apologies.

We been back on it for a few now, Noah Archangel drops the 2nd installment of The Maschine Wars, titled ExitUs on Sep 16.

Noah has also been working on a new group called Grynd Seazon. A younger more hip Band of the Hawk, they have 2 joints on our station, EZ and Ride. Check em out, Ep dropping soon.

Oh yeah, and KING has been wokring on his 2nd LP "UFO". It is done, he's just being a F*ck Face about dropping it LOL. Stay tuned.

It's all love, we got a few new fans on the list, preciate you, and for the old fans, thanks for still rocking with us. Peace and Love.

Don't forget to click to stream all of our joints and watch our videos, maybe even cop a cap or T-shirt, i dunno LOL.

Hawk's Out!