The Band of the Hawk

Peace and #BOHUP


Just a quick update, as you see we been moving.  #BOHUP vol 2 comes out in Spring.  We are dropping CH@O!, the 1st single next Friday and the video will be done by TwinNetwork, using the Comic Book.

Yes, we have a #BOHUP comic book coming out on the heels of all the black panther phenomena.  It features The Band of the Hawk, as city vigilantes, stopping the industry from making robots to prgram the kids thru bad music.  1st issue comes out soon, written and drawn by Steve Bristow out of London.  Check for it soon.

DJ Thruvo, the owner of KRXMradio and our press manager , has dropped another single, YOU ME HER!  It will be included on #BOHUP vol2.  Check it out HERE


Also ya boy Noah Archangel does a live mix every Friday at 5pm cst, with a replay at 9pm cst.  on

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