The Band of the Hawk



Yes!!!! it has been 3 months since I could sit down and tell you all what is going I will try and remember everything as I go, and hopefully whatever I miss is in GOOGLE lol.

So we did drop #BOHUP in Fall 2017, it got great reviews and the streams and downloads let us know we are moving in the right direction.  Check the PRESS page for all the news and articles.

We have vowed to drop a visual every week in 2018, so even if it is a old joint, unreleased joint, or just a private mix, we will share something from #BOHUP with you every week this year.  Subscribe to BandoftheHawkTV on Youtube and stay tuned.

We had a few dope videos drop in between Fall 17 and present.   Black Lotus, Mocean, Pyramids, Meditation, Politix and Dirty Dollars!  You can watch all those on the VIDEOS page.

We signed some rock, RnB, some producers and put out singles and projects all through Winter 2017.  Catch up with the tracks and mixes on the TRACKS page.

Every Friday at 5pm and 9pm CST I mix LIVE on  CHECK ME OUT G!!!  The past mixes are on our SOUNDCLOUD amd soon to BANDOFTHEHAWKTV

BOHUP Vol.2  drops in Spring 18.  It is all done and packaged we are waiting on the COMIC BOOK, which will drop simultaneously.  YESSIR!!  The BOHUP crew will be immortalized through our own indie comic book based off the stories from Styles Fury.

Lookout for the comic book, and the first single, CH@O, which will feature the comic book animated for the 1st video to #BOHUP Vol.2

We love yall, keep rockin with us, we got some good shit coming.