The Band of the Hawk


Appreciate the love We been hard at work working on multiple projects. Shit has been real! So New Ep coming out for Halloween called the Emerald Tablets! It was supposed to be a EP of King and 3, but we decided to not split us up to quickly going back to th demise of Wutang and Outkast. So we got 2 more Band of the Hawk albums coming this year. The EP should be the week of Halo-Ween and then Hiram Abiff for Xmas, finally right!!!!!

I been heavy at work in the lab making beats for everyone so I been posting the few that are not exclusive on SOund Cloud. Check em if your into the whole instrumental thing

Thanks for your support, I just switched out all the joints on Jango with some new and old songs. I left Cornbread and Collard Greens because we seem to get fans everyday for that one, probably should make a live video huh. No doubt!

Ok, Yourube slowed down a bit, but at the same time we havent dropped a new video in a few weeks, Im working on Cream 13 now. Subscribe if you havent already, and tell your friends

Oh yeah! Word! So we did that whole Reverb Nation thing, and we got in the Top 40 in a couple months. Not bad. I think you guys and gals have been spreading the word, or maybe nmot. Either way, Thanks for making this shit happen for us.

Also we are still lagging behind on our Facebook. If you could LIKE and SHARE to help, that would be super cool Fool!.....Where the hell did that come from! LOL

If you wanna talk shit wit us or just throw us some ideas or feedback dont forget to hit us on Twitter


Noah Archangel
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