The Band of the Hawk Underground Pyramid #BOHUP

The Band of the Hawk Underground Pyramid Crew #BOHUP

The band of the Hawk

The Band of the Hawk, the mercenary company known as DEF on the battlefield, are a spacious affair: all looped menace and blunted minutiae, not unlike early RZA productions; if he had been raised in Houston’s Fifth Ward worshiping 90’s hood flicks more than kungfu cinema and stuck in a Mario Brothers maze. The current line-up of the Hawks: Noah Archangel, Yeaux Majesty, Houey Freeman, P.Ey3, Spear Chukka, DJ Mastermind and Whoa Vada 

  #BOHUP  (BandoftheHawkUndergroundPyramid)

Noah Archangel

Producer, Lyricist, CEO

Noah came in to the Hip Hop game from MCing underground Drum n Bass shows under the name MC Grasshoppa.  MC Grasshoppa soon became Noah Archangel the producer,

After his return to Houston, he inherited his Pop's record collection and started collecting beat machines and producing.  Then created The Underground Pyramid Crew.  Lead by The Band of the Hawk.  #BOHUP

Check out his instrumental releases dubbed "THE MASCHINE WARS".  Available on the music page or all streaming platforms.






Yeaux Majesty aka KING

Lyricist, President

King... now known as Yeaux Majesty! 

A lyricist, visionary, bully and hip hop royalty.  Born & raised in Patterson, La, King grew up listening to jazz, old soul, New Orleans bounce music, & classic golden age hip hop. 

Yeaux Majesty has recently released "The Laws" and "Slapboxin" in 2020 and "A Different Cloth" and "Princely Robes" in 2019.

DJ BOHUP, Mastermind, The Artist

Lyricist, Artists, DJ

Simply known as DJ, when he spits Houston raps he is Mastermind, when is he Slowin and Choppin he is DJ BOHUP when he is painting and customizing shoes he is Darren J The Artist.  If you like our Shirts, Our Mixtapes or our live shows, you love DJ

Spear Chukka aka Warrin Peace

Lyricist, Comedian,

The newest addition to the BOHUP crew.  Chukka brings the Harlem energy and vibe to the crew.  He first met us in a barbershop freestyling, the rest is history

Whoa Vada

Lyricist, Lover,

Vada is the smooth operator of the crew. He likes to give full on songs that express the mind of a true and smooth man in these trying times.  If you asked him he would be with a cape and lightsaber at all times.

P. Ey3, Sage Majesty

Lyricist, Singer, Songwriter

P. Eye is the cousin to Yeaux Majesty, he joined the group in 2013 with a audition tape sent via phone.  After that he has given the crew their first RnB records, songs for other singers and experimental efforts with Sage Majesty

Houey Freeman aka Ash Ra

Prodcuer, Lyricist

Houey is the adopted brother of Noah Archangel.  His producing skills helped reform the Hawks in 2013.  He is the modern sound of the group as his production is banging for the 2010's